We are a Skiing Travel Agency with a big passion for Deep Skiing

10 years ago we planned our first Heliski Adventure in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia.  We had no idea what to expect there. It turned out to be an amazing adventure. It was a trip with steep lines, nice couloirs, big forests and best of all DEEP snow.  

It was so good that we decided to make this trip every winter. Krasnaya Polyana became our secret spot in the Caucasus. There I have met Nikolay,  Russian Heliski Organiser and super passionate skier.  After skiing with him many good weeks we became good friends and he invited me to ski with him in Kamchatka, a peninsula in the far east of Russia.  He told me this place was a different dimension.

40 days later i landed in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, and only then i realised what Nikolay ment with a different dimension. We were skiing on Big active volcanos, into smoking craters, surrounded by bears. Some of the skiruns were more then 2000 vertikal meter drops, We skied in the fjords where we had lunch on the white snowy beaches of the pacific ocean, and to end the day we could relax in one of the many hotsprings....  So this adventure was more then amazing.  I have been skiing in Kamchatka every winter since then and every day keeps suprising me of its beautiful surroundings. 

On this same first Kamchatka trip, Nikolay asked me, "Where do you ski in November for the opening of the season?"  And i told him like many of the skiers in Europe that I was going to Alps on the glaciers to find the first snow.  Than he said, "Why don't you come with us to Siberia middle of November because there it is nice to start the skiseason DEEP."

After 2 seconds of thinking really DEEP I decided to go for it!  The next november I arrived in Siberia. Some days were very cold but i had neved skied so DEEP to start the season. Nikolay wasn't lying, he really knew the good places.

Now I had already 3 really nice ski destinations in Russia:

  • Siberia as a good opening of the season.
  • Caucasus Mountains where is good to ski with the lifts and also with Heli.
  • Kamchatka to end the season with some long runs to the sea.

I decided that i could not keep this for myself and as I had studied Tourism when i was younger, I took my chance and openend a Skiing Agency which is connected to our new Peak Performance General Store in Knokke.  In our Skiing Agency "DEEP in Russia", you can only book skitrips to Russia and we can make the packages all custom made to your demands, we are there to help you with all you Visum requirements and travelarrangements.

If you want to go Deep, bring us a visit and we will always be there to inform you about our passion.